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“God works to squeeze good from the bad God didn’t want in the first place.” This is how I’ve always viewed myself as a survivor. My abuse was not God’s will. My abuse was the result of the deep seeded sin in my father and an uncle by marriage. I’ve never blamed God for what I endured. In my case God seemed to assure me that He was with me. Just believing He was there brought a level of comfort to me as a small child.

Even though I never blamed God, I also never considered my abuse as punishment for my sins or the abuse being my sin. One of the most important things I  believe abuse victims need to know, other than that God can’t stop the abuse, is that the abuse is never your sin to seek forgiveness for.

This book is a must read for anyone who is either a victim or a survivor of abuse in any form. I was a bit skeptical when I first read the title “God Can’t”. I grew up believing God could do anything. “God Can’t” brings new insight into where God is during times of abuse. God can’t stop abuse. God can bring about healing from abuse and make something good come from it. I’d never wish for anyone to ever go thru what I did as a child. I also know that God has used what I went thru to make me the person I am today. I’m a more compassionate pastor. I’m a more protective mom and grandma. I’m a more appreciative wife. I’m a stronger woman.

Thomas Oord says “The better way begins with believing in a God of relentless love. It makes sense of tragedy and abuse without saying God causes or even allowed them.”

I pray you all heal. I pray this book helps you to see a God who loves relentlessly, unconditionally and eternally.

Carolyn Savell