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“One of the problems with maintaining faith in the modern world is how your relationship with God changes after something terrible happens to you or someone else. It makes one question whether or not God is even there, and why, if He was capable, did He not intercede to stop evil in the world.

The problem ironically gets bigger when your concept of God becomes more and more powerful. What happens when God becomes so powerful and so removed from daily life is that our belief in God as one who genuinely loves us in the trenches is challenged. When the fundamental Christian God controls all things, allows all things, is not affected emotionally by anything we do, and makes everything in the world happen “for a reason,” then at some point in our lives that reason will not excuse the pain and suffering of the present moment.

What reason could there possibly be for the evil so rampant in the world? What parent would allow such unspeakable evil, torture, and death on their children if they had the power to protect them?

Tom beautifully puts forth a theology where God is an uncontrolling, noncoercive God who is limited by love. It is in His limitations that one finds allowance for a belief in God even in light of terrible atrocities. His easy to read book filled with real world examples doesn’t tiptoe around the problem of evil, making it an essential read for adult Christians who want a way to view their faith of God in light of adult problems.

This book will strengthen your faith in God and help you to feel God’s love for you again during times when He feels distant in the nitty gritty world. I especially recommend it for people who have lost their faith in God after experiencing spiritual, emotional, or physical trauma.

Understanding what God can and cannot do can help shed the beliefs in God that cannot hold water and help rebuild the faith and love you once felt.”

Brittney Hartley