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“This book speaks to me! It tells me of a God of love, a God who never “wills” or “allows” suffering. Never. What a refreshing change from Christian books that declare God as loving, but with a caveat of “mystery” when things go wrong. This book transforms our traditional understanding of an all-controlling God who can do anything unilaterally into a more biblically sound view of a God who needs us and desires to be in a loving relationship with us. It is through this loving relationship that miracles happen. Oord writes: “When complex creatures cooperate with God, good things happen. Love flourishes. Peace blossoms. Astonishing miracles can occur. When complex creatures fail to cooperate with God, evil happens. Unnecessary pain and pointless suffering occur. The demons dance.”

I particularly like Oord’s use of story and metaphor to explain this view of God. Written not for theologians, but for people of all walks of life, Oord’s conversational style of language speaks of love and God in ways that we can grasp with clarity and precision—and assurance that we are not alone in the world.

As a pastor, I highly recommend this book for both individuals and congregations. The text includes excellent discussion questions for small groups. Buy this book!”

Pastor Patricia Farmer