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“God Can’t is a phenomenal, ground-breaking, and loving way into being transformed by God’s infinite love for each of God’s creatures.  Let the edgy title of Tom Oord’s latest treasure draw you toward learning more about the mutual love relationship God desires with each of us. 

Page by page, feel the Holy Spirit whispering affirmatively as you gain clarity on what that infinite and unimaginable Love can mean in your life.  Dare to be transformed by the radical idea that God’s uncontrolling love makes possible a new understanding of God alive in us, actively, with us, changing our lives into stronger reflections of God’s love. 

No matter how deeply or how recently you have suffered, discover anew what Love’s power might awaken in your soul, in the deepest part of you that can never be separated from God.  Let Love’s Teacher speak to you through Oord’s exciting and inspiring ideas about God who can only love, and how through our co-suffering, co-healing, and co-operating, we might bring about a renewed and transformed world.”

Dr. Nancy C. Wallis

Leadership Scholar and Seminarian at Bloy House

The Episcopal Theological School at Claremont

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