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“God Can’t is a remarkable and beautifully written book, with a number of important messages. I cannot speak for its essential theology, which will certainly be controversial, as I am not a theologian. The theme that God is not in fact entirely omnipotent, but requires the collaboration of human beings to achieve the goals of creating a perfect world, is not a mainstream viewpoint in Christian thought. And I cannot say that I fully agree with it, as one who holds to a fairly orthodox ideology. Even so, I found the book to be fascinating, inspiring and powerful.

In many ways, God Can’t is a sequel to Oord’s  “The Uncontrolling Love of God” in which his theology of Love is presented as a convincing explanation for the existence of Evil, among other novel ideas. In God Can’t, the expansion of those ideas is done through the use of multiple personal stories, vignettes and examples of how God, with the cooperation of His loving creation (we humans) can achieve everything we usually expect God to do alone.

While I can imagine strong arguments against these views from other Christians based on Scripture and tradition, I believe that even if Oord is “wrong”, this book deserves to be read, and discussed. All Christians must agree with Oord on the overarching importance of love in the life, teachings and meaning of Jesus Christ, our savior. The role of humanity in working with God to accomplish our goals is something that is worth debate and discussion, and this book is a wonderful entryway into that dialogue. “

Sy Garte, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief, God & Nature magazine

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