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“God Can’t” is a very interesting, easy to read and thought provoking book that offers a fresh approach to the age old question of how we reconcile a good God in light of suffering and other evils in the world.

Each chapter is detailed and engaging yet avoids becoming tedious. There are useful questions at the end of each section which help during times of reflection and there is much to reflect on here!

It’s important to finish the book before jumping to conclusions as most of the inevitable questions are dealt with by the end of the book. It’s also important to remember throughout that though God “can’t” it certainly doesn’t mean that God is inactive and uncaring!

I felt this book may be particularly helpful for Christians who liked “The Shack” (along with it’s theology) but were left with the question of “why?” still unanswered.

Overall a great book that avoids appealing to thought-provoking mystery that often plague this subject.

Nick Mansfield