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This book is brilliant! Where was God when the fires ripped through the towns in California?  Where was God when my friend lost her battle against cancer?  Where was God when people have used their positions of power and influence to abuse others?  Among the pain, destruction, and evil that has become prevalent in our world, how can we trust in a God of love?

Western culture has become obsessed with an all-knowing, all-powerful God.  Daily you hear people exclaim, “God has a plan” or “God’s ways are higher than our ways.”  These can end up being trite statements and are so common-place I’m not sure people realize the deep damage they create for those who are hurting. 

God Can’t does not shy away from these tough questions, but shows a refreshing view of God whom we can learn to trust in again.  It is exactly what I needed, and I believe it will provide a refreshing view of God for any who read it.  Oord faces head on these demanding questions that go through our mind every day.  Certainly Oord does not pretend to have every answer, but he comes to each difficult question having studied the Word deeply, read generations of scholars, and listened carefully to the stories of the brokenhearted. 

I must admit that reading this book has made me re-evaluate the way I view everything- Scripture, the world, my understanding of prayer, and what I want to teach my children about our loving God. I highly recommend reading this book with an open mind and heart, learning what there is to learn rather than getting caught up where you may disagree.  Some of this book may make you uncomfortable, but you may find that this new way of viewing God will provide the freedom you have been longing for but didn’t know how to find.

Sherri Walker