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“Don’t be fooled by a provocative title like “God Can’t,” this book is a positive, uplifting read!

One of Oord’s key points is that God can’t override free will as that is incompatible with the essential, loving nature of God. This crucial – and controversial – claim has very important consequences for the age-old problem of suffering, as Oord explains in this readable and accessible book. God Can’t overcomes the troubling issues many have with the standard rhetoric of God ‘allowing’ or ‘permitting’ evil and suffering – an approach that paints God’s character in a terrible and disturbing light. Oord circumvents that traditional portrayal of an absolutely all-powerful God since “can’t” means it is not a matter of divine choice but of divine nature.

My hope is that many fellow sufferers will discover the uncontrolling love of God through God Can’t.”

Tim Reddish

Author of “Does God Always Get What God Wants?”