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It is one of the most difficult things in life to ask the really hard questions without having a pre-determined answer—to stare into the abyss of your deepest pain and think of all ways it happened and all the ways you think it could have been prevented. For people of faith, the question of where God is in the abyss can either assuage the pain or add to it. Is He there or off in the distance? Does He care or is He impersonal and oblivious to your sorrow? And perhaps the most difficult question, what role does He play exactly in your suffering? Tom addresses these questions and more, with courage and resilience in the midst of personal pain—unwilling to sit with answers that neither make logical sense nor reflect the ultimate truth that God is LOVE. If you have lost your way in the darkness of whatever your personal agony is, I would encourage you to give this book a try. You may not agree with everything within its pages, and that’s okay. But if this book brings a glimpse of hope back to your life, or the briefest flash of light that perhaps God is more than you ever dreamed He could be, I think you will be glad you picked it up. I’m grateful to Tom, and to everyone who takes suffering seriously, who takes God seriously, and who dares to dream and wonder about the God of uncontrolling, relentless, all-encompassing love.

Jennifer Oberst