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Libby P. Tedder Hugus

If you have ever prayed the desperate prayer, “Why, God?!” this book is for you.

If we say that God is Love, what do we mean and how does the answer impact our everyday lives? This is a central question Thomas Jay Oordexplores and answers in his most recent book, “God Can’t — How to Believe in God and Love After Tragedy, Abuse and other Evils.”

What we say we believe and what we actually believe impact our thoughts and actions. Thinking and acting reasonably and responsibly require careful examination of what we believe. To respond to the God who is Love, we must come to tangible terms with how and why God loves. This means there will be things that God cannot do or be.

Tragedy, abuse and other evils can derail fervent faith. Struggling to understand how to relate to God when genuine evil exists can be a spoke in the wheel of hope, healing and restoration. Oord carefully and lovingly helps us understand God’s loving nature when genuine evil persists in our lives.

Oord’s book is accessible and approachable. Although the content of this book will require attention to complex ideas, you will not be intimidated by Oord’s conversational tone. Using compelling story and helpful explanations, you’ll have the tools you need to intentionally explore if and what you believe about God who is love.

Join me in the revolution of believing & living as if God is Love. Read this book and change our world for the better.