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Bob Cornwall Essay

“I give my full recommendation to the book, even with its title!”

Kadee Wirick Smedley Essay

“Control even in cases of evil is impossible because it is against the nature of the God who is love.”

Scott Sloan Essay

“Questions about why people die early, suffering in the world, abuse, and evil are covered in Thomas Oord’s book.”

Rob Grayson Review

“Rare is the book that both stimulates clear theological thinking and brings pastoral comfort and encouragement; God Can’t is one such book.”

Jennifer Oberst Review

“If you have lost your way in the darkness of whatever your personal agony is, I encourage you to read this book.”

Jay McDaniel’s Essay

“Thomas Oord’s book, God Can’t, is written for the love-leaners of the world.”

Benjamin Davis Review

“A wonderful and accessible follow-up to Oord’s previous work, The Uncontrolling Love of God.”

Dan Held Endorsement

“God Can’t is a powerful account of what can happen through God’s creative synergy in relation to cooperative persons.”

Tim Reddish Review

“Don’t be fooled by a provocative title like God Can’t, this book is a positive, uplifting read!”

Sherri Walker Review

“This book is brilliant! … reading this book has made me re-evaluate the way I view everything…”

Andrew Davis Review

“Oord’s vision is biblically grounded and consistent with the central claims of Christian faith.”

Ryan Scott Review

“God Can’t is an excellent resource for any person (Christian or otherwise) struggling with suffering and faith.”

Julie Exline Endorsement

“Oord’s book takes on age-old problems of evil and suffering with a sense of freshness and immediacy.”

Sy Garte Review

“God Can’t is a remarkable and beautifully written book, with a number of important messages.”

Kevin Thomas Review

“Oord provides a paradigm from which I can begin to deal with my painful past and help others process theirs.”

Nancy Wallis Review

“God Can’t is a phenomenal, ground-breaking, and loving way into being transformed by God’s infinite love.”

Dyton Owen Review

“Thomas Jay Oord is a breath of fresh air in a climate that is often stale and stagnant.”

Omar Reyes Review

“Oord challenges even the most ardent Calvinist to stop and think: What is the character of God? Ruthless or relational?”

Danny Prada Review

“Dr. Oord has the unique ability of taking complex theological scholarship and making it easily accessible to the everyday follower of Jesus.”

Book Launch Party

Thomas Jay Oord will read from God Can’t at the Idaho Book Launch Party January 15. Follow on Facebook Live.

Linda Kay Klein Endorsement

“Tom Oord presents a theology for the oppressed, the injured, the survivor who can be re-traumatized by theologies that insist their suffering is ordained.”

Patricia Farmer Endorsement

“What a refreshing change from books that declare God as loving, but with a caveat of ‘mystery’ when things go wrong.”

Anna Case-Winters Endorsement

“Oord gives us a clear and compelling alternative in this profoundly insightful and admirably accessible book.”

Gene Schandorff Endorsement

“I highly recommend God Can’t for persons dealing with pain, whether their own or that of someone they love.”

Lisa & Mike Steeves Endorsement

“God Can’t gives a good explanation to why we should not think God wreaks havoc one minute and comforts the next.”

Brittney Hartley Endorsement

“I recommend it for people who have lost their faith in God after spiritual, emotional, or physical trauma.”

Carolyn Savell Review

“This book is a must read for anyone who is either a victim or a survivor of abuse in any form.”

Eric Seibert Endorsement

Pastorally sensitive and theologically astute, God Can’t is exceptionally well-done…. Highly recommended!


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